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Choosing the Best Dog Food for Boxers

Each pet owner wants to keep their pet healthy and fit by providing the best nutrition possible. This may be done by offering the ideal nutrient balance for its requirements.

There are numerous options of pet foods available, and you can be confused about which to choose. Attractive packaging and high prices do not automatically signify that the food will be your very best pet food and appropriate to your Boxer. Let us take a look at some available choices.

Canned foods contain an extremely high proportion of water. They do not have many additives as they are not necessary for the canning process, but, they do contain a large percentage of fat. Because they are a soft food, they do not provide any of their chewing gum and teeth-cleaning benefits. They are the most expensive method of feeding with pet foods.

Semi-moist foods are usually very high in sugar content and can be costly. Veterinarians do not usually recommend these types of food. Dry foods have the smallest amount of fat and also, therefore, are very economical. However, they do include a larger volume of preservatives. Another disadvantage is the fact that dry foods expand in the pet’s gut. This is a concern for the Boxer because they are known to be more inclined to be in danger of suffering from bloat. Frozen foods reveal the promise of supplying a brand new, lower-cost alternative, but storage could be an issue.

It is also important to choose food suited to the age of your Boxer. When it is below 18 months, then a good puppy food is required. Three small meals per day is best until a minimum of one year old. Take care not to overfeed at this stage whenever it is maturing and growing, as extra weight could start the harmful cycle of hip dysplasia and other problems in later life.

A grownup Boxer may only require a well-balanced adult formulation or it may need a high-energy, on-the-go dog formulation if it is a very active dynamo dog. Feeding twice daily is recommended since it is healthier for your dog to eat two smaller parts than one large meal. Additionally, there are the senior dog formulations that cater to different nutritional requirements which are special for the age category. Reading the labels carefully will tell you what you need to know about these foods.

If your dog is not doing well on its current food, then make the change over to new food gradually. Sudden changes can lead to bouts of nausea. Add the new food in with the old in increasing numbers over a span of approximately a week.

Finally, what your Boxer wants in the manner of Boxer dog food is a great food made by a well-recognized manufacturer that meets its requirements and is appetizing.

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