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Understanding Personal Injury

Personal injuries are of two types, broadly speaking. Illnesses, diseases, psychological illness or injury all fall under physical injury. This can happen as a result of traffic accidents, work injury, injury caused by defective or faulty goods or services, or an injury caused by slipping and falling. The other type is the psychological injury which causes stress or discrimination at work or a victim of a crime. Even receiving a wrong treatment or vaccination from a hospital can cause physical and psychological injury.

A person can become permanently disabled or can die because of personal injury. A claim for compensation for personal injury usually applies for three years of sustaining the injury. In three years time, you should be able to file a compensation claim.

Car accident injuries are the most common type of personal injury. Police records any personal injury caused by a traffic accident. An employer records injuries that happen in the workplace in the company’s record log. If a customer buys a faulty appliance and gets injured while using it, it is the store’s responsibility to look into it. You must inform your insurance company of any personal injury that you have sustained. You must also report a personal injury to your doctor. Complications can come later on if you don’t do anything about your personal injury.

If you have sustained an injury, you must gather all the evidences that you can. If you are making a claim for compensation, then these evidences presented can help you. And even if you will not file a claim for compensation, you still need to keep the evidences with you.

Psychological injury is also counted as personal injury. If you are harassed or stressed on the job, abused, or ridiculed by your peers or superiors, these can cause psychological injuries. Psychological injuries are also counted as personal injuries and are compensated for.

You can even claim compensation for home accidents since they can be considered physical injuries. In case of a home accident, claim will depend on the nature of the accident. Faulty appliances or poor workmanship can cause a person to be injured and this can qualify for compensation claim.

You don’t have to personally claim for personal injury. You can let a relative file a claim on your behalf. The spouse or children can claim compensation for someone who suffers permanent disability or dies due to personal injury.

There are personal injury claims that are settled with no win, no fee basis. If the lawyer does not win the case for you then you don’t pay any legal charges. Personal injury claims can be handled by lawyers that you can hire for this purpose. Consulting a personal injurylawyer is important in case of personal injury.

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